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Queen's Parade

September 19, 2022

Today we pay tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

We are here to honor and remember her dedication to duty during her 70 years, 214 days as our Queen: a period of good times and bad.

The world changed a great deal from when she was crowned Queen in 1952, things that we use today without giving a second thought were the stuff of science fiction back then.

For the majority of Canada’s citizens as well as citizens of the Commonwealth, she was the only monarch that we knew save those few who are left who were alive when her father King George the 6th was our sovereign. For those of us who served in the military and the RCMP, she was the monarch that we swore an oath to when we joined.

Let us also not forget that before she was crowned our monarch, she also volunteered to serve in the British armed forces during World War Two, so not only was she our Queen but she was also a veteran.

As a country we will deeply miss her and with her passing marks an end of an era.

While we freely gave Queen Elizabeth the 2nd our loyalty and devotion, we now freely affirm to King Charles the 3rd our continued loyalty and devotion, long may he reign.

God save the King.

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