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Graduation Program Connections

The Royal Canadian Legion offers many opportunities for Secondary School students to be involved in the community. Locally, there are many chances to volunteer, engage in Community Service, Service Learning and even gain Work Experience.

There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Legion and participation could contribute to Community Service Hours, Service Learning, and Volunteerism as a part of your Grad Program.

The Langford Legion also offers Bursaries and Scholarship opportunities.

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Work Experience Opportunites

Along with volunteering, the Legion also offers work experience for Secondary School students interested in Culinary Arts and the Service Industry. 

Qualified students, through their WEX program, may have a chance to work in the following areas at the Branch:

  • Kitchen Service

  • Catering

  • Banquet Preparation

For more information, contact the Langford Legion's youth coordinator:

or our ways and means at:

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