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Message From the President - May 2024

Well finally, Spring is here and we can get to the gardens and fresh air we all have been waiting to enjoy. With Spring brings time for us to start using our Outside Patio at the back of the Legion. But first we are looking to find some appropriate furniture for the area. We ask your patience while we do this.

Over the last few months, our Branch has not slowed down. I will say we are fortunate to be doing as well as we are. Of course, there are struggles re: volunteers, staff, etc. I will be honest this has put a huge amount of pressure onto certain people trying to make this all work.

We recently hired another cook to which we thought had solved some of our issues to where recently one of our cooks decided to leave our place of employment. So today again, we sit looking for a cook to fill the void we have in the kitchen, Therefore, I ask you as members if you know of any cooks looking for work please have them reach out to the Branch.

Please be aware this month there will be Lottery shut downs happening starting May 25th to where the kiosk will not be available for use while the new machines are brought online. This has been a long time coming so please have patience with staff during this process. I think you all will be surprised as to what Lotteries has done and will like the new terminals.

Recently within our Branch we have all seen an influx of new members, and made them feel welcome. I ask again for patience while the new members learn and understand who and what the Legion is and what our House Rules are. We will soon be posting our House Rules for all to see and remind everyone of the rules that must be followed within our Branch. I ask, that we all work together and show respect to each other.

There is no exception to these rules.

As for further changes, we have setup a new program that we hope will allow us better communication within our membership through email. We have tired this out as recently as last weekend and had good success. The biggest problem we have is making sure the emails given by members upon renewal and new membership are correct. We have worked hard on this and will continually re-check to make sure the database is correct. Stay tuned for the first email.

One last thing I will ask you as members of Branch 91 is to have care for your new facility and if you see something on the floor, I ask if you could pick it up. We all must work hard to keep the Legion looking nice. Further, keep cue sticks off the walls of the Branch, whoops and the ceiling. When finished using a cue stick please put it away.

For all pool players, if you have to lock on a Pool cue I ask it be removed from the Pool cue rack ASAP as we will not be responsible for anyone’s Pool cue. If not removed we will remove all locks by May 20th.

One thing we can always remember is what our Mission Statement is as stated below:

“Our Mission is to serve Veterans, including serving military and RCMP members and their families, to promote Remembrance, and to serve our communities and our country.”


Norm Scott,


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