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Langford Legion Major Ceremonies

Remembrance Day
November 11th

This date in Canada’s history signifies the end of the First World War. On the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 o’clock people are asked to pause for 2 minutes of silence for reflection on the sacrifices made during war times.

At Veterans Memorial Park in Langford, people gather for the ceremony at 10:30. It is a solemn occasion and respectful attendance and participation is desired.

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Battle of Vimy Ridge
April 9-12th

Many historians consider that in 1917 the victory by Canadians at Vimy Ridge in France was the defining moment for Canada’s Armed Forces as it emerged from the shadow of Britain. Canadian Troops earned a strong reputation from their efforts.

Each year a date between April 9 and 12 is selected for a memorial Candlelight Vigil at dusk, the time when the battle began in 1917.

Branch 91 holds a ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park at dusk – where Veterans pass a candle to a youth in attendance to set at the Vimy Ridge Memorial Statue - exact date to be advertised in the Spring.

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Annual Events and Ceremonies


Poppy Campaign Begins

Remembrance Poster, Essay & Video Contest Begins

November 11:

Remembrance Day

Veterans Memorial Park, Langford - 10:30 am

November 15:

Valentines for Veterans Project

November 30:

Valentines for Veterans Deadline for registration

December 1:

Collection of V4V registration and Art Supply

January 16:

Deadline for Valentines pick up

April 9-16:

Battle of Vimy Ridge Anniversary

Candlelight Vigil - Veterans Memorial Park - dusk (specific date TBA)


Bursary and Scholarship Applications


Canadian Armed Forces Day - 1st Sunday in Dune 

D-Day : June 6


Royal Canadian Legion 

National Track & Field Championships (date TBA)

Annual Evens& Ceremonies
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