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WestShore Poppy Committee


Remembrance Day:

The Royal Canadian Legion upholds the sacred trust of ensuring the tradition of Remembrance Day, The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month; brings to mind Remembrance Day. On this day at the 11th hour we gather at the Cenotaph, we stand with our heads bowed in Remembrance.  This tradition dates back to the First World War when the guns fell silent, marking the end of military conflict and the Remembrance of those who would never return home. The National Poppy and Remembrance Campaign raise funds for veterans and their families, the new military and others who are disadvantaged.

Get Involved:

Attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Park Cenotaph in Langford.
Make a donation to help local Veterans in need.
Add your name to the annual Poppy Campaign Volunteer list.


The Poppy:

The Poppy is the international symbol of Remembrance representing a visual pledge to pay homage to the men and women who fought serving our country and paid the ultimate price for the freedoms you and I enjoy today. And that is why each person proudly wears the Poppy, letting everyone know that we will always remember.

The Poppy Campaign was created as a means to raise funds in order to perpetuate this sacred memory and provide for veterans and their families in time of need.

The Poppy Campaign commences the last Friday in October and continues to the end of the day November 11th, Remembrance Day. During this time we urgently need your support to volunteer at least a 2-hour shift canvassing at one of our locations in the Westshore community. We invite you to contact our office at 250-478-9812 to discuss the shifts and locations available and/or send an email to

This year, your donation has never been more important. All donations are in turn redirected to support programs and services for veterans and their families. A new generation of veterans is coming home and turning to the Legion for housing, career transition, counseling and trauma relief. And with your support, we will be there to help! Wear a poppy. Give generously.

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